About Us

Executive Summary

The Manufacturing Game® workshop trains frontline workers and their managers to better understand the journey from one stable domain to another by improving throughput, increasing reliability of equipment and operating in a manner that is safe for both employees and the environment while making a profit for the company. We have conducted workshops since 1993 for companies all over the world involved in the following industries: chemicals, oil and gas, mining, tire manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pipelines, paper, utilities, steel, aluminum, specialty metals, etc.

Our teams of facilitators are steeped in industry experience and have worked for many years on organizational change using various methods. They have experienced what does work and what doesn’t work and are proponents of defect elimination as the key element that must be paired with other best practices to achieve bottom line results. Through our work with companies a culture of continuous improvement and equipment reliability is realized and the organization moves into the precision domain.

Our Team

Michelle Henley, Principal

Michelle Henley

Michelle Henley has worked with The Manufacturing Game® since 1998 as a developer of new simulations and training material. She has traveled worldwide in her capacity as a facilitator and trainer for The Manufacturing Game® and other simulations developed by Ledet Enterprises, Inc. Michelle has been instrumental in developing simulations with a focus on reliability, project management and distribution. She began her career with KPMG Peat Marwick in San Francisco, CA. then worked for a real estate management and development firm in the Washington, DC area. Before joining The Manufacturing Game®, Michelle formed her own company, Innovative Interfaces, which provides computer programming services around the United States. She has a B.B.A. from the University of Texas—Austin in Accounting and Information Services.

David Henley, Principal

David Henley

David Henley has been assisting The Manufacturing Game® staff in many capacities since 2007 including workshop delivery, marketing, sales and business development strategies.

After many years working for a large towing company with inland and offshore equipment, David attained his accreditation as a Category 3 SIRE Inspector and started Marine Compliance, LLC (MARCOM) in 2005 in order to meet the growing need for third party Vetting Inspectors in the marine transportation industry. This need became apparent to him in his previous role as a manager for a newly created department of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE). His experience in overseeing the company safety program and his duties as the Emergency Response Administrator gave him an understanding of the challenges of keeping up with ever changing rules, regulations and expectations. His experience in working with auditors performing Management Reviews for the major oil companies gave him first-hand insight into the even higher standards being set by the majors. As a Barge Superintendent and TAIP committee member, he assisted in the development of the U.S. Coast Guard approved Tankbarge Alternate Inspection Protocol (TAIP) and ensured maintenance and compliance of all one hundred fifty company vessels.

Prior to this, David was involved in many facets of the oil and gas industry such as, production operations and maintenance, industrial services, emergency response.

Winston P. Ledet, Founder
Ledet Enterprises, Inc. / The Manufacturing Game®

Winston P. Ledet

Winston Ledet, is a leading consultant and internationally known workshop instructor on proactive manufacturing and maintenance. He is also one of the authors of the book, “Don’t Just Fix It, Improve It!” His work is focused on manufacturing organizations interested in becoming learning organizations. He has 27 years of experience with E. I. DuPont de Nemours serving in a variety of assignments in research, technical, works engineering, operations, human resources/safety and maintenance. He is one of the creators of The Manufacturing Game® as part of his work at DuPont. Winston formed his own consulting firm, Ledet Enterprises, Inc, in 1993 using The Manufacturing Game® to help drive improvement efforts in process industries as well as discreet part manufacturing sites around the world. He has extensive capability in System Dynamics modeling, proactive manufacturing and large-scale organizational change strategies. Ledet Enterprises, Inc. has developed and been a participant in the development of several other simulations with a focus on improvement of safety and reliability through organizational culture change. Winston did his undergraduate work at the University of Southwestern Louisiana and received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering at the University of Texas – Austin.

June Block Ledet, Founder

June Block Ledet

June Block Ledet was employed for 10 years by the University of Houston—Victoria as Assistant Director of the Petroleum Training Institute. In 1994 she joined Winston P. Ledet at Ledet Enterprises, Inc. (The Manufacturing Game®) as Vice President of Operations including training, scheduling, marketing, and sales. Her experience in both positions involves implementing training programs for companies wanting to empower their workers, to improve their skills, and develop a cross functional approach to the way they work. She did her undergraduate work at Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane University) in Sociology and Psychology and graduate work at the University of Texas—Austin.


Randy Ingebretson

Randy Ingebretson

Randy Ingebretson was employed with Shell for over 37 years before joining the team at The Manufacturing Game®. Very early in his career with Shell, Randy completed a four year Machinist/Millwright training program in 26 months to become a certified #1 Machinist/Millwright. He worked both in the shop and in various operating areas over his first 15 years.

Then Randy began gaining useful skills working as a Turn Around Maintenance Planner, Area Maintenance Foreman, Quality Improvement Trainer and Central Maintenance Training Coordinator before returning to continue his work with Mechanical Equipment as a Mechanical Inspector Foreman supporting a process area. When Randy was promoted to a Senior Mechanical Inspector, his role evolved into a strictly Mechanical Inspector role. He teamed with his Area Mechanical Engineers to hone his equipment reliability improvement skills. Randy developed a strong equipment troubleshooting methodology that allowed him to greatly increase the reliability of the equipment in his area and reduce costly repairs. Randy attributed a large portion of their success to building strong relationships with the Operating personnel in the units in his area of responsibility. They worked together as a team to identify and implement solutions that made everyone’s job a lot less frustrating due to not having to repair the same equipment time after time. He said it was a very rewarding portion of his Shell career.

Then came a promotion to Rotating Equipment Inspection Supervisor for Shell Chemicals and eventually the Shell Refinery was added to his responsibilities. As Shell Deer Park Site Rotating Equipment Inspection Supervisor, he led a team of 10 Mechanical Inspectors and Senior Mechanical Specialists, plus had the responsibility for developing 4-6 Shell Machinist/Millwrights involved in Shell’s Mechanical Inspector in Training Program. Randy remained in that role for the last 4 years of his Shell career seeing mechanical equipment reliability continue to increase each year. Mid-year 2010, he became interested in retirement and in joining the team at The Manufacturing Game®. Retirement came February 28th, 2011 and he now works with The Manufacturing Game® facilitating workshops and helping to grow the business.