Train-the-Trainer is intended for companies who want to bring The Manufacturing Game® into their facilities and use their own personnel to facilitate workshops. This is a good alternative for middle to large size companies that intend to have the majority of their employees experience the simulation. It is also a good option for sites that would require considerable facilitator travel.

How It Works

The Train-the-Trainer sessions are held on an in-house basis for 3 to 6 people at a time. Each person to be trained must first participate in a regular 2-day Manufacturing Game workshop. The subsequent 5-day Train-the-Trainer course is devoted to instructing the facilitator candidates on the moves of the game and the details of the various workshop roles. This also provides the opportunity to delve into the lessons behind the simulation and explore various simulation strategies and analyze their results. In addition, the course covers methods for empowering people to take action post-workshop to eliminate defects and make a sustainable organizational change.

After the 5-day training class, the facilitator candidates conduct a 2-day Manufacturing Game workshop at their own site with our Facilitator Trainer present in order to complete the certification process. Once certified, each facilitator will be in a position to conduct workshops using The Manufacturing Game® material with other certified facilitators at their site.

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