Client Success Stories

Butane Sphere
at British Petroleum Refinery – Lima, OH
In just a few months, this team eliminated over $1.5 million annually in operational losses with only a $5,000 investment.

Turbine Generator
at Eastman Chemical – Kingsport, TN
Through a determination not to tolerate defects, this team determined the root cause of recurring turbine generator failures, saving in excess of $500,000 per year and over 128 manhours per generator per year.

The Centrifuge Team
at Eli Lilly – Lafayette, IN
By eliminating the defects in their centrifuge equipment, this team reduced their maintenance expenses by $150,000 annually and the additional up time has added production throughput and $5 million to their bottom line.

Improving the Odds in the Storeroom
at Alyeska Pipeline – Valdez, AK
By identifying and eliminating defects in their metering valves, this Action Team reduced downtime on actuators from 6 weeks to a maximum of 2 days.

Booster Pump Running in Error
Learn how this action team was able to save $10,000/yr. in energy costs as well as reduce the amount of maintenance work on a booster pump.

Compressor Bug
at Southern Natural Gas – Birmingham, AL
This action team realized a savings of $5,400 by eliminating a recurring compressor problem.

Overcoming System Defects
at Diesel Technology Company – Grand Rapids, MI
Learn how this action team tackled a defect in process & information, and achieved greater utilization of their Computerized Maintenance Management System CMMS).

Improving Titanium Dioxide Production
at ICI Manufacturing Technology – UK
Learn how this action team saved $872,000 by analyzing their concentrator reliability.

Field Charge Pumps
at Gulf Coast Refinery
By developing a contingency plan in the event of Feed Tank failure, this action team not only increased crude capacity, it also saved a potential penalty of $2 MM for a 5-day downtime.

Zero Delay
at BP-UK – Wytch Farms
This action team addressed Disinvestment & Reinvestment at their well sites and achieved an estimated savings of £150k/year.

Improved Spent Caustic
at Mobil Refinery – Beaumont, TX
Learn how this Action Team improved the bottom line between $600,000 to $750,000 per year by making minor re-design changes in their current Spent Caustic System.

Coker Backend Air Flow Resolved
at Clark Refinery – Port Arthur, TX
By removing "bad actors" from the air supply system, this Action Team solved a problem that was responsible for $73,600 lost margin in 1998.

Overheated Bearings Cause Compressor Failures
at Phillips Petroleum Corp., – Borger, TX
This Action Team determined the root cause of compressor failures and reduced the cost to maintain compressors by over $60,000/yr. and eliminated rental fee costs of over $100,000/yr.

Eliminating Purged Gas
at PCS Nitrogen – Trinidad West Indies
By identifying defects in their absorber feed pumps, learn how this Action Team eliminated $10,000/episode of purged gas.

FCC Unit Blowers Respond to Proactivity
at Premor Refining – Port Arthur, TX
By learning the value of "proactivity" this team eliminated on-going coupling changes at a cost of $40,000/coupling and saved over $285,000/yr in lost productivity and maintenance cost.