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What We Do

Our workshops engage and inspire a site’s entire workforce to participate in the continuous improvement process, from the frontline workers to the senior managers.

Using cross functional defect elimination teams, we help companies achieve their reliability, safety, environmental and product quality goals, making the leap from reactive to proactive maintenance and operations.

When implementing reliability initiatives, the frontline workforce is where “the rubber meets the road”. And too often we have seen that it is also where well-crafted, potentially game changing efforts go to die. To the degree that the frontline workforce doesn’t understand the initiatives, doesn’t buy into them or doesn’t recognize their role in the effort, success in implementation is unlikely.

Our workshops, including The Manufacturing Game®, The OilPro Game®, and The Defect Elimination Game®, provide a simulated environment that allows site personnel to take the reliability initiatives for a “test drive”. By compressing time and space, this hands-on, exciting event lets the participants live the change envisioned by the initiative designers, experience the pitfalls, taste the fruits of success and most importantly discover and embrace their personal role in the entire process.