Mike Innes – Abitibi-Price, Inc.

“It shows the interrelationships with all of the groups in a way people can understand. The people closest to the factory floor understand it best because it is the work they do every day.”

Jim Slaton – Phillips Chemical

“We found that the game and the action teams created the needed excitement and commitment that was missing in our earlier attempt at Total Productive Maintenance.”

John Lightcap – Honda

“Small groups have been responsible for cost savings, reduction in downtime, improvements in direct pass rate and cycle-time reduction on equipment throughout the plant. One example is a 53% reduction in downtime and a 5% increase in run rate on Read More …

Winston Lakshman – PCS Trinidad

“A cross functional Action Team pinpointed the root cause of a problem that was costing us at least $40,000 a year. What was amazing was that the team had a solution to this 4-month old problem within minutes.”

Jim Dray – Whirlpool

“A cross functional action team modified a bracket magazine, which was shutting down the line. Their efforts produced an annual savings of $45,000.”

Kirk Wolfinger – Whirlpool

“The Manufacturing Game® played a major role in improving throughput by 21% without spending any significant capital.”

Jerry Leach, Maintenance Planner

“The game shows that the interconnection of the functions has a bearing on how we do our maintenance – we must all work together as a team, rather than doing our work separately. Seeing this has changed my whole approach.”

Paul Monus – British Petroleum

“For a total investment of $5,000 an action team was able to eliminate $1.5 million per year in operating losses. This loss could have been eliminated years ago but for many reasons continued. It took a new way of thinking, Read More …

Micky Logan – Eastman Chemical

“The Manufacturing Game® created the proper atmosphere for accomplishing the work. Our Action Teams found and eliminated over 100 defects. The savings in our area exceeded $2 Million”