Our consulting services are available for companies who are currently using or considering The Manufacturing Game®, The OilPro Game®, The Defect Elimination Game®, or any of our other products and services. We provide hands-on support to your ongoing defect elimination and organizational change effort. Years of working with many companies in various industries has given us experience and expertise in what works, what doesn’t work, and what is necessary to “get the ball rolling” in your organization.

In addition to consulting on our current products and their use within an organization, we can also create custom simulations to fit specific client needs, ranging from modifications to our existing simulations to creation of new simulations from scratch. The process begins with a group of our experts working with subject matter experts within the client company in order to gain a complete understanding of the requirements of the simulation. From there, we develop the gameboard and complete the workshop design, testing it with an audience of experts and non-experts. Once we finalize the material, we develop an implementation plan and the supporting material.