Supervisor Workshop

Supervising The Change Process is a two-day workshop designed to empower supervisors to generate and manage Action Teams in their area. This tool helps create a new style of management for supervisors, a common vision of the path to proactive manufacturing, and ownership of the Action Team process throughout the organization.

How It Works

The Manufacturing Game® is used to simulate a plant operating under three different conditions and gives participants a chance to experience different management styles in each simulation. Participants interactively create their own collective and personal strategies. As in all our workshops, action is an essential ingredient. Participants determine the action team projects they will sponsor. They form groups called InterAction Teams to practice successfully facilitating the Action Teams they are sponsoring.

What You’ll Gain

Supervising The Change Process helps supervisors, their managers and the people who work for them understand the shift in roles that must take place to transform an organization.

Helps supervisors:

  • Redefine their role
  • Practice new leadership styles
  • Learn how to launch and support front-line improvements
  • Take ownership of the Action Team and defect elimination process

Who Should Attend

The workshop was initially developed for front-line supervisors; however, including key managers and front-line employees can help supervisors to gain support for their transformation. This workshop can help any individual in the organization who is trying to improve operational leadership skills.

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